Back Issues

Back issues of Gray Areas are available for $8.00 each (U.S.) and $12.00 each (foreign) from: Gray Areas, Inc., 5838 W Olive Ave C-105 PMB 624 Glendale AZ 85302 USA.

Issue 1 (84 pages): Interview: John Perry Barlow on computer crimes Interview: Kay Parker on the Adult Film Industry Tape History: Grateful Dead Live Video Tapes Interview: The Zen Tricksters Rock Band

Issue 2 (116 pages): Interview: Attorney/Musician Barry Melton Interview: Adult Film Director Candida Royalle Tape History: Little Feat Live Audio Tapes Tape History: Grateful Dead Bootleg CDs Things To Know About Urine Tests It's Later Than You Thought: Your 4th Amendment Rights Computer Privacy and the Common Man An Essay On The Fan-Artist Relationship My Pilgrimage To Jim Morrison's Grave Interview: Paul Quinn of the Soup Dragons

Issue 3 (132 pages): Interview: Musician GG Allin Interview: Grateful Dead Hour host David Gans Richard Pacheco on Adult Films Tape History: Jefferson Airplane Live Video Tapes Phone Phun Phenomena: Notes On The Prank Call Underground Interview: Prank Call Expert John Trubee Interview: Urnst Kouch, Computer Virus Writer Howard Stern Is Here To Stay Worlds At War, Pt. 1: The Gray Gods: A Theory of UFO Encounters

Issue 4 (148 pages): Interview: Ivan Stang of the Church of the SubGenius Interview: RIAA Piracy Director Steven D'Onofrio Interview: Phone Sex Fantasy Girl Review: Defcon I hackers convention Gray Travel: Amsterdam Confessions of an Amerikan LSD Eater Worlds At War, Pt. 2: The Ultimate Sin: UFO Conspiracies A Day With The KKK Run For Your Life: Why The Music Industry Wants You To Record Concerts Plagiarism: Thoughts on Sampling, Originality and Ownership Interview: Solar Circus Rock Band

Issue 5 (148 pages): Interview: Breaking Into The WELL Interview: S/M Dominatrix Paul Melka on computer viruses Review: Pumpcon II and HoHoCon IV hacker conventions Inside Today's Hacking Mind Interview: Phone Phreak Improving The Prison Environment Teenager Joins In The Fight Against AIDS Concealing My Identity: A Silence Imposed By Society All About Smart Drugs Lollapalooza 1993 Review Entertainment Industry Lawyers Deadheads and the Constitution Tape History: Jefferson Airplane Bootlegs Tape History: A Guide To Vintage Live Soul Tapes The New Music Seminar July 1993

Issue 6 (148 pages): Interview: Hacker/Phrack Publisher Erik Bloodaxe Interview: Adult Film Star Taylor Wayne Review: Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference Stormbringer of Phalcon/Skism on computer virus writers A Cyberpunk Manifesto For The 90s Interview: Cable TV Thief True Cop, Blue Cop, Gray Cop Is Jury Tampering A Crime? Interview: Folk Singer Melanie Jimi Hendrix: The Bootleg CDs Tape History: Big Brother and the Holding Company The Genitorturers Mean You Some Harm

Issue 7 (148 pages): Interview: Mike Gordon of Phish Interview: Internet Liberation Front Review: Defcon II, HoHoCon and HOPE hacker conventions Tape History: Jethro Tull Live Video Tapes Scanners: Tuning In Illegally On Phone Calls Confessions of an AIDS Activist Adventures In The Porn Store New Conflicts Over The Oldest Profession Two Thousand In Two Years: A Housewife Hooker's Story Psychoanalysis and Feminism Prozac:" The Controversial Future of Psychopharmacology The Gray Area of Drug Addiction The Art of Deception: Polygraph Lie Detection Voices of Adoptees: The Silent Society The Gray Art of John Wayne Gacy Lollapalooza 1994 Review

Each issue also contains 84-164 pages of which over 50 review: CDs, concerts, books, movies, computer software, video games, catalogs, zines, comics, live audio and video tapes, etc.