Gray Areas Magazine Video Game Reviews

ADIDAS POWER SOCCER (Psygnosis Ltd., PlayStation) This soccer simulation game allows you to take on Europe's finest players. Leagues feature English, French and German teams. You (and up to three friends) can play friendly matches, championships, cup tournaments and even entire league seasons. Great graphics including 3-D stadiums and motion capture animation. A great way to play this damgerous sport without any risk of injury! (Netta Gilboa)

THE ADVENTURES OF LOMAX (Pygnosis, PlayStation) This awesome arcade game will appeal to people who like Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Rayman and Gex. Lomax is a one-player game with over 40 levels and four landscapes. Some of the platforms are up to ten layers deep too. The game offers three lives, three continues and a password system so you don't have to start back at the beginning again. Words can't describe how spectacular the graphics on this one are, or how many things you have to successfully kill in order to beat it. Definitely my favorite of the games reviewed here this time. (Netta Gilboa)

BLAST CHAMBER (ActiVision Inc., PlayStation) Set in the future, this fighting game allows for up to four players. There are multiple camera angles, groundbreaking gameplay mechanics and many deadly obstacles such as spikes, lasers and lava pits. There are also power-ups to help you including magnetic boots, crystal magnets and high jumps. There are 40 single-player rooms and 20 multi-player ones. The idea is to try to control the crystal, extend your own life and shorten the life of your opponent(s). Quite innovative in a genre where the games are endlessly repetitive. Well done. (Netta Gilboa)

DESTRUCTION DERBY 2 (Psygnosis, PlayStation) Billed as "extreme auto punishment," this sequel to the already popular car racing game is visually stunning. There are seven tracks, four new bowls, and a new pit stop feature which allows you to repair your demolished vehicle so you can go trash it all over again. The cars flip, roll and cartwheel in real-time 3D and you can edit replays of each smash and flaming wreck and view them to your heart's content. Definitely violent, but also lots of fun. (Netta Gilboa)

THE FINAL ROUND (Konami of America, Inc., PlayStation) This golf game continues in the high tradition of Konami's superb sports games. You play one of six golfers, using 360-degree movement and a beautiful 3-D course. There are multiple camera angles, play-by-play announcers, a choice of Skins, Match or Stroke play, a green grid to help analyze your putts, etc. If you have a PlayStation and like golf, this is a title you won't want to pass up. (Netta Gilboa)

FLOATING RUNNER: QUEST FOR THE SEVEN CRYSTALS (Kokopeli Digital Studios/THQ, PlayStation) This arcade game features 3D polygons and seven worlds with fourteen levels. You can explore the worlds in any order you like, which is a nice change. There's lots of variety too in the seven worlds, including a swamp, forest, desert, water, fire and sky. You'll need to collect tools, gems, weapons, fight enemies and overcome obstacles. There are too few of this genre of games for the PlayStation, and while this one is not as good as Lomax or Rayman, it's worth having if you like to run, jump and climb your way through games. (Netta Gilboa)

HARDBALL 5 (Sport Accolade, PlayStation) This state-of-the-art baseball game offers 40 stadiums to choose from, 800 MLBPA players and lineups as well as team and player editors. There are lists to tell you who can be traded, which players are free agents, who's active and disabled. There's a home run derby, 10 skill levels and even Al Michaels calling the play-by-play action. Great graphics, thorough manual and even the ability to save the game on 2-15 memory card blocks. If you like sports, this is the best baseball game available for the PlayStation. (Netta Gilboa)

IN THE ZONE 2 (Konami of America, Inc., PlayStation) Greatly improving on the original game of the same name, this sequel allows for up to eight players to play basketball together. All 29 NBA teams are featured with full 12-man rosters and there's play by play announcing as well as multiple camera angles. The graphics are superb with options that include both full season or playoff modes, trading players, substitutions, post plays and fouls as well as creating your own player in the event none of the many included NBA stars appeal to you. If you like basketball, you can't go wrong with this title. (Netta Gilboa)

MYST (Psygnosis, PlayStation) The best-selling computer game of all time has finally been ported to the PlayStation. It's a surrealistic adventure with beautiful graphics and endless puzzles to solve. There are hint books available, and web pages full of tips if you get stuck. A sequel is in the works which will be out in a few months and the game is so popular there's even a spoof of it for the PC called Pyst. Although it's a one-player game, several people can play it together and help decide what to try next. Ideal for players who like to think instead of fight, or want something that they can come back to again and again, or for female players simply bored by most of the games clearly designed to appeal only to men. (Netta Gilboa)

NASCAR RACING (Papyrus Design Group, Inc./Sierra On-Line, Inc., PlayStation) Fans of car racing will be impressed at this true-to-life game which features 16 licensed NASCAR tracks and 21 different driving environments. You can play in either arcade or full simulation mode with your choice of extensive set up options, instant replays, a hard rock soundtrack and the use of actual 1996 NASCAR vehicles. This game originated on the PC and has won numerous awards and sold over 500,000 units. The PlayStation version is sure to do as well and its only possible drawback is that it's a one-player game. Highly recommended for sports fans of all ages. (Netta Gilboa)

PO'ED (Accolade, PlayStation) This 3-D action game allows you to cruise on foot or fly through 25 levels. There are 16 monsters to defeat using an arsenal of weapons which include the power drill, flame thrower, butcher knife and meat seeker. Lots of power ups help to hold your interest, as does the ability to save this, but what will keep you coming back again and again is the creativity behind the weapons. If you like action games, and especially shoot-'em-ups, this one is more addictive than most. (Netta Gilboa)

POWER MOVE PRO WRESTLING (ActiVision Inc., PlayStation) Definitely the best wrestling game released to date, this title is based on the #1 wrestling game in Japan, Toukon Retsuden. Playing in 3D, with multiple angles, you select one of 12 wrestlers from around the world and compete in one of four international arenas. You can practice over 50 different moves too! This is as close as you can get to being there without getting hurt. (Netta Gilboa)

PROJECT OVERKILL (Konami of America, Inc., PlayStation) This sci-fi, 3-D action game is full of violence, gore and innovative features too. You play one of four mercenaries and cover 50 mission scenarios. There are powerups, secret levels and hidden areas galore, plus destruction, death and the ability to wield primary weapons plus hand-to-hand combat capabilities. Fans of this genre will definitely enjoy this title and with an age 17+ rating it should appeal to adult readers too. (Netta Gilboa)

SILVERLOAD (Vic Tokai, Inc., PlayStation) This combination adventure and shooting game pits you as a bounty hunter looking for the missing son of two settlers in old Western town. There's a corrupt preacher, werewolves and vampires, a sheriff, gun fights, etc. Contains animated blood and gore and works best with a mouse controller. Unique. (Netta Gilboa)

SLAMSCAPE (Viacom New Media, PlayStation) This challenging action game was made in cooperation with MTV and includes a soundtrack by God Lives Underwater. Lots of fighting, shooting, and driving with 3-D graphics and high-speed excitement. You play an accident victim. You must free 16 Ids, which are trapped in numerous areas throughout the game. Audio clues are provided and you must listen for them as you also watch and combat the action unfolding. If you like shooting, slamming or alternative music then check this title out. (Netta Gilboa)

STAR GLADIATOR (Capcom U.S.A. Inc, PlayStation) This 3D fighting game offers 10 characters and four different game modes. You can play by yourself or against a friend, and can choose from a variety of weapon attacks. The characters are particularly cool, such as Gore, a wizard who grows larger than the screen and Rimgal, a dinosaur mutant who spits volcano fire. There are lots of these fighting games out now, and in my opinion what separates one from another is mostly just whose characters you like best. I like these guys better than Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat,so if you like those definitely check this one out too. (Netta Gilboa)

TIME COMMANDO (ActiVision, PlayStation) This unusual fighting game has you traveling through time including scenes from Prehistoric times, Roman, feudal Japan, Medieval, Conquistador, Western, Modern Wars and the future. There are nine worlds and 20 levels in all, as well as 80 enemies and 45 different weapons to use against them. Includes superb 3D polygons, multiple camera angles and a bizarre plot involving a deadly computer virus which causes time-warps. If you like to combat games, don't miss this one. The unrealistic virus plot aside, it's very entertaining. (Netta Gilboa)

TOP GUN: FIRE AT WILL (Spectrum HoloByte, PlayStation) You play Maverick and interact with real actors, such as those who played "Hondo" and "Amanda" in the film. This is a flying game where you chase six enemies and attack them using special weapons. Each level has a tough boss you must defeat. If you succeed, you are rewarded with more power and a better weapon to add to your arsenal. Good graphics and a great adaptation from the film. (Netta Gilboa)

WIPEOUT XL (Psygnosis, PlayStation) Yet another racing game, this sequel features anti-gravity racing with up to 15 ships on the track at the same time. Containing mild animated violence and a soundtrack featuring 6 different bands, this sci-fi game offers multiple classes for a variety of playing abilities as well as secret features for the most advanced players. Different enough from the others on the market to be worth having too, this allows two player action and has lots of challenging weapons to master. (Netta Gilboa)