3 NINJAS KNUCKLE UP (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 93 minutes) This sequel reunites three children who spend summers with their martial artist grandfather. This time they help Native Americans who are fighting a local waste plant. This film has lots of action but seems more oriented to kids than the first two films were. It's also extremely politically correct, to the point of being annoying. Skip this and see 3 Ninjas Kick Back instead. (Netta Gilboa)

THE 12TH ANNUAL AVN AWARDS SHOW (NightVision, 120 minutes) AVNis the trade magazine for the adult film business. Every year they run an awards show to honor the top releases of the genre. This tape captures an entire awards show and pays homage to stars like John Wayne Bobbitt, Ashlyn Gere, Ron Jeremy, etc. and shows edited film clips. Some of the movies being given awards seem very innovative while others seem pathetic. Decide for yourself. (Netta Gilboa)

THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN AND ROBIN (Warner Home Video, 44 minutes each) There are four volumes of animated cartoons in this series, which originally aired on television. The volumes focus on The Riddler, The Joker, Two-Face and Robin. Watching them you can learn how Batman celebrates his Christmas holiday, how he first hooked up with Robin, the Riddler's real name, etc. Great animation and better-than-expected plots. Worth seeing to round out your knowledge of Batman trivia. (Netta Gilboa)

A FOOL AND HIS MONEY (Vidmark Entertainment, 84 minutes) An advertising executive starts a new religion. He hires a black spiritual leader, gets media coverage and becomes a success. His church preaches greed and material wealth. It sells books and collects charitable contributions. This film ends up satirizing both religion and people's desire to belong and fit in with society. (Netta Gilboa)

A GOOD MAN IN AFRICA (MCA/Universal Home Video, 95 minutes) Sean Connery, Louis Gossett, Jr. and John Lithgow star in this comedy about adapting to another country's culture. A womanizing diplomat gets caught red-handed and as his punishment must try to bribe the one man in the town who cannot be bought. It's full of sex, power and consequences. Well done. (Netta Gilboa)

A LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME (Hollywood Pictures Home Video, 110 minutes) Keenan Ivory Wayans stars in this combination action/comedy film. It's about an ex-cop who is now a detective tracking down millions of dollars for a dirty client. Wayans is terrific in this film that is otherwise very run-of-the-mill. (CS)

A SIMPLE TWIST OF FATE (Touchstone Home Video, 116 minutes) I'm not much of a Steve Martin fan, but he did an exceptional job with this film about a guy who ends up with a small child he never planned for. Martin's acting is so strong here that it actually makes the script pale. Also stars Gabriel Byrne, Stephen Baldwin and Catherine O'Hara. (Netta Gilboa)

AMERICA'S DEADLIEST HOME VIDEO (Randum Films and Entertainment, 87 minutes) Danny Bonaduce stars in this action horror film about a home video enthusiast who accidentally films some felons on the lam. He gets abducted by them and is forced to videotape their crime spree. A truly independent film, this was made after the director bailed Bonaduce out of jail at the height of his legal problems and took so long to release as cash to market and distribute it had to be raised. There is now a genre of these films in which straights tag along with killers, but this was one of the first made. It's sure to be a cult film if only for Bonaduce's starring in it. (Netta Gilboa)

THE ANDROID AFFAIR (MCA/Universal Home Video, 90 minutes) A great movie whose plot has been brought to us by the legendary science-fiction author Isaac Asimov. This film is about an android who wants to live in the "real world" with people, and who is willing to do anything to do it. This movie is set in the future and raises interesting questions as to whether or not medical testing should be done on intelligent forms of life that are different from our own. Suprisingly this movie contains more plot than special effects and is a nice change from most in its genre. (CS)

ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES (Buena Vista Home Video, 100 minutes) This classic cult movie has been re-released on video in a director's cut version which is longer. It's been many years since I first saw the film and so I couldn't tell exactly which parts had been added. The basic plot involves oversized tomatoes that kill people. It's a very non-violent horror film, more cute and silly than it is scary. This is particularly fun to see with a group of people. (Netta Gilboa)

BARKER's SALOME & THE FORBIDDEN (Redemption U.S.A., 75 minutes) Long before Clive Barker became known for films like Lord of Illusions and Hellraiser, he made two silent pictures. Shot in the 1970s and inspired heavily by the silent, avant-garde films of Andy Warhol, these early works give insight into both Barker's roots and the time period they were made during. At the end of the two films is a twenty minute interview with Barker which probably should have been placed at the beginning of the video. Definitely of interest to fans of Barker and Warhol, this is probably of more interest to film students than to horror fans. I enjoyed the interview a great deal but was bored during both of the films. (Netta Gilboa)

BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD: WORK SUCKS! (MTV Home Video/Sony Music Entertainment, 45 minutes) Here's a collection of eight animated episodes sans the music videos and commercials. Follow the boys as they work at Burger World and then try numerous schemes to get cash easily. I think the cartoons are better without the music video segments. Either way, this show is groundbreaking in what it gets away with having animated characters do and say. (Netta Gilboa)

THE BEST OF LIQUID TELEVISION (MTV Home Video/Sony Music Entertainment, 45 minutes) Adults interested in animation will love this compilation tape featuring animated comics, live actors in animated settings and animated shorts. The pieces are quite different from each other but all have in common an exploration of themes not usually found in either American animation or the animation traditionally given TV air time. Unique! (Netta Gilboa)

BETTER OFF DEAD (Prism Entertainment) Mare Winningham is superb in this film about a woman who kills a police officer after she watches him shoot her boyfriend. She goes to prison and changes her life totally, winning over the prosecutor (played by Tyra Ferrell) who tries to get her transferred out of death row. Better than average for its genre. (CS)

BLUE TIGER (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 88 minutes) A woman decides to avenge the death of her son. Her only clue is that the killer has a tattoo of a Blue Tiger. It turns out to be gang related and so she gets a tattoo herself and prowls the section of Los Angeles known as Little Tokyo. She finally finds the man known as Blue Tiger and confronts him with her pain and rage. Unusual for its genre in the development of a female lead character. (Netta Gilboa)

BORN TO BE WILD (Warner Home Video)Here's a heartwarming story about a boy who befriends a 400-pound gorilla. Intended as a kids movie, this will also be appreciated by adults who love animals as well as people who like films about capitalism versus making ethical choices. Ideal for family viewing. (Netta Gilboa)

BOYS ON THE SIDE (Warner Home Video) Whoopi Goldberg, Mary-Louise Parker and Drew Barrymore star in this comedy about female bonding and travel. Great casting and script makes this superb even though it's obviously a "chick film" in the predictable vein of Thelma and Louise. This is definitely one of Whoopi's best roles. (Netta Gilboa)

CAGED HEARTS (PM Entertainment Group, Inc., 87 minutes) This prison movie is about two females who struggleto stay alive in a dirty prison system. They are forced into prostitution while serving as inmates, and the clients turn out to be the very politicians and lawyers who put them there. The plot is suprisingly believable. Well done for its genre. (Netta Gilboa)

CAMILLA (Miramax Home Entertainment, 101 minutes) Jessica Tandy and Bridget Fonda star in this funny road film about female bonding. Despite age and generational differences, this film shows how real communication is based on having things in common and being willing to make an effort. Good casting. (CS)

CAMP NOWHERE (Hollywood Pictures Home Video, 106 minutes) I loved this comedy about a group of kids who don't want to go to the computer camps, diet camps and musical training camps. So they invent some camps of their own and, armed with the money their parents paid for them to attend, live the good life. They buy every toy they ever wanted, eat junk food all day and proceed to behave so irresponsibly that they get discovered. Christopher Lloyd stars as the adult who helps them pull it off. (Netta Gilboa)

CHILDREN OF THE CORN III: Urban Harvest (Dimension Home Video, 101 minutes) Based on the short story by Stephen King, this pathetic sequel is a far cry from what King intended. Instead of being scary, it borders on idiotic and inane. Halfway through the movie you're hoping that everybody gets killed as soon as possible just so it ends.I have trouble seeing where they are going with these sequels, but the plot of this one was that the possessed corn moved from the country to the city. I don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time I saw corn growing in a parking lot. One wonders whether King himself would have the stomach to watch this and whether he approved of it in advance or whether since it's "based" on his story they could just credit his name and malign it. (CS)

CITY SLICKERS II (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 115 minutes) Billy Crystal and Jack Palance star in this comedy sequel which does not require familiarity with the original film. One of them is convinced a dead friend communicates with him and has left him a map of hidden treasure. He gathers his buddies, heads out West and encounter all sorts of obstacles and mishaps during the search. This is a good film to get lost in for an evening when you don't feel like doing any serious thinking. (Netta Gilboa)

THE COMPANION (MCA/Universal Home Video, 94 minutes) In the future, humans can buy androids who serve as maids, assistants, even lovers. Kathryn Harrold buys one and proceeds to tinker with his operating system. The android, played by Bruce Greenwood, develops a mind of his own and ultimately battles his master. (Netta Gilboa)

CONGO (Paramount Home Video, 109 minutes) This was a predictable hit before it opened as it's based on a book by the author of Jurassic Park. The theme here is apes who kill humans to protect their community which also happens to house a diamond mine. Great special effects produced realistic apes which leads to non-stop action as the human characters die. Tim Curry is terrific as the shifty, self-centered treasure hunter. There is also a trained, gentle ape who will warm your heart. Well worth seeing. (Netta Gilboa)

THE CREATION OF THE WOODSTOCK 1969 MUSIC FESTIVAL (Westlake Video, 60 minutes) This documentary focuses on the four people who promoted the festival. It traces how they ended up at Yasgur's farm, how the idea for the poster came about, which bands were the hardest to work with and reveals great stories like how the festival passed a health inspection. Some of the performers are interviewed too like Leslie West, Arlo Guthrie and Richie Havens. The Grateful Dead are shown in concert as are The Who, Sly and the Family Stone, Jefferson Airplane, Mountain and Janis Joplin. Sure to be a collector's item, this is well worth having. (Netta Gilboa)

CURSE OF THE STARVING CLASS (Vidmark Entertainment, 102 minutes) Based on a play, here's a film about the hard times experienced by a family trying to make their individual dreams come true. It stars James Woods, Kathy Bates, Randy Quaid, Henry Thomas and Louis Gossett, Jr. The plot involves a wife who wants to get rid of her husband, a son who hates his dad and a man deeply in debt. There's also a motorcycle gang, a teenage daughter on the prowl, a slick bar owner and a shady Realtor. It ends up being both humorous and pathetic at the same time. Woods is great as usual, rising to the occasion of working with Bates and Louis Gossett, Jr. (Netta Gilboa)

DAISY-HEAD MAYZIE (Turner Home Entertainment, 40 minutes) This animated morality tale is about a girl who wakes up one day to find she now has a daisy growing from the top of her head. Needless to say her life changes as other students tease her, she attracts a publicity agent, etc. This was made by Hanna-Barbera after Dr. Seuss' widow found it after his death. Of particular interest since most of the classic Seuss stories have male leads in them. (Netta Gilboa)

DANGEROUS INDISCRETIONS (Summa Video, 81 minutes) Malcolm McDowell, C. Thomas Howell and Joan Severance star in this thriller about an affair that turns deadly. McDowell is superb (as always) in his role as a wealthy and influential businessman who knows his wife is cheating on him. Better than average for its genre. (Netta Gilboa)

DEAD AIR (MCA/Universal Home Video, 91 minutes) Gregory Hines is superb as a radio d.j. who is stalked by a female caller. This mystery-thriller also stars Deborah Farentino as a psychology student thrust into Hines' mess. Good portrayal of what it is like to be spooked by an anonymous caller and how powerless people are to fight back. (Netta Gilboa)

DEAD BEAT (Live Entertainment, 94 minutes) Sara Gilbert stars in this tale of love murder and betrayal. The acting in the movie is much better than the plot which becomes confusing and disjointed towards the end. Also stars Bruce Ramsay, Natasha Wagner, Balthazar Getty, and Meredith Salenger. (CS)

DEMON KNIGHT (MCA/Universal Home Video, 92 minutes) Here is something for anyone who loves a good horror movie. Made by the same people who bring you Tales From the Crypt, this is their first feature length movie, and best project to date. They have taken an otherwise basic good verses evil plot and made it come to life with superb special effects, humor and a great cast. If you like Tales From the Crypt, or even if you have never seen it, you are going to love this! (CS)

DISCOVERING EXTRAORDINARY SEX (A*Vision Entertainment, 60 minutes) Part of the Ordinary Couples, Extraordinary Sex series, this video has couples talking about how they opened up to each other to make their relationship stronger. The sex shown is not too explicit but the ideas offered are. Lots of good tips here to try and tasteful enough that even a squeamish partner will be able to watch it. (Netta Gilboa)

DOMINION (Turner Home Entertainment, 98 minutes) In this action-thriller a group of people who bond annually on a hunting trip get the surprise of their lives as they realize a killer intends to kill them all. The hunters become the hunted and the bodies pile up. Well done. (Netta Gilboa)

DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS (MCA/Universal Home Video, 94 minutes) Pierce Brosnan plays a man who marries a woman simply to get access to her child. He has no interest in molesting the child, and goes to great length to kidnap it to achieve his goal. This suspense thriller keeps you guessing until the very end and is much better than average for its genre. (Netta Gilboa)

D.R.O.P. SQUAD (MCA/Universal Home Video, 88 minutes) Spike Lee served as executive-producer for this gray film about a radical outlaw group called the D.R.O.P. squad. They kidnap and reprogram important black people who they believe have sold out to white values. It's a powerful idea for a film. Stars Eriq LaSalle and Vanessa Williams. (Netta Gilboa)

ED WOOD (Touchstone Home Video, 137 minutes) Johnny Depp stars as a filmmaker who likes to dress up in female attire. This film does a great job of legitimizing crossdressers. Directed by Tim Burton, it co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Martin Landau and Patricia Arquette. (Netta Gilboa)

ENCONIUM (WarnerVision Entertainment, 50 minutes) The companion video to the tribute CD of the same name, this focuses on interviews with the bands who recorded a Led Zeppelin song. Bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Duran Duran and Hootie and the Blowfish explain what Led Zep's music has meant to them and why they chose to cover the song they did. Also features rare footage of the bands in the studio in the process of recording the tunes themselves. Superb! (Netta Gilboa)

ENDLESS SUMMER (PolyGram Video, 58 minutes) This collection of Donna Summer's video includes over a dozen of her hits including "She Works Hard For The Money," "Hot Stuff," "Last Dance" and "Bad Girls." There is surprisingly little live footage included as the tape offers the original videos made to promote each song instead. Thus there are lots of still photos and footage of Summer in model-type poses. Good collection of her work though including a cover of "MacArthur Park."(Netta Gilboa)

ENEMA BANDIT RETURNS (Bizarre Video, 55 minutes) This is an adult film which combines whippings and enemas. The enemas are heavily edited, almost tasteful. The plot involves an enema rapist who gets caught and given a dose of his own medicine. Thus both men and women get it providing some variety to this fetish tape. Stars Sharon Mitchell, Porsche Lynn and Tracey Adams. Directed by F.J. Lincoln. (Netta Gilboa)

EVOLVER (Vidmark Entertainment, 90 minutes) This sci-fi thriller features great special effects and use of virtual reality computer animation. It's about a game come to life where a modified military robot can't take losing to humans and so changes the rules of the game to increase its chances of winning. Evolver is particularly good for its genre. (CS)

FORGET PARIS (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 105 minutes) Billy Crystal and Debra Winger star in this romantic comedy about two people who meet and fall in love before they have a chance to really decide if they are right for each other. She lives in Paris and he's a referee for the NBA in the U.S. They tell their story through the eyes of their friends who are telling someone's soon-to-be wife the intimate deatils and gossip of the couple they are about to meet for dinner. Most films portray relationships through the eyes of one of the two people involved. This film differs in that it shows both sides and is fair to each, making it worth seeing with someone you love. (CS)

FREE WILLY 2: The Adventure Home (Warner Home Video) This is a sequel to a film I previously gave a rave review to. Designed more for children than adults, this one is almost preachy with its environmental messages. I suppose we need such films to teach people about things they'd rather not learn, but I found myself bored nonetheless. It's not bad, but it's not great either. Skip it unless you care a lot about whales, the environment, or have a child you want to watch it with. (Netta Gilboa)

GARGOYLES - THE MOVIE: THE HEROES AWAKEN (Buena Vista Home Video, 80 minutes plus 20 minute interactive game) Gargoyles are mythical creatures who exist as stone by day and come to life at night. This animated tale involves the Gargoyles being put to sleep for 1000 years by a spell. They wake up in NYC in 1994 and need to decide whether or not to trust the humans around them. The video comes with an add-on board game kids can play while they watch 20 minutes of additional game footage. (Netta Gilboa)

GHOST BRIGADE (Turner Home Entertainment, 80 minutes) Corbin Bernsen, Adrian Pasdar and Martin Sheen star in this supernatural thriller about Civil War times and an evil brigade of ghostly soldiers. A Confederate colonel and a Union captain team up with the help of a runaway slave to battle the soldiers and have a slew of bizarre encounters in the process. (Netta Gilboa)

THE GIRL WITH THE HUNGRY EYES (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 84 minutes) This vampire thriller is about a 1930's model who hangs herself in a hotel and then comes back to life during the buildings demolition and begins to kill everyone in sight. Good plot and a nice change from the average vampire film where males bite women. (Netta Gilboa)

HEAVYWEIGHTS (Walt Disney Home Video, 107 minutes) This hilarious comedy is about a group of overweight kids sent to a fat camp. Upon their arrival they discover this usually fun and lax camp has a new owner who is filming them for an infomercial and does not have their interests at heart. They take over the camp though before their summer is entirely ruined, and impress upon their parents that despite their weight they are capable of taking care of themselves. Highly recommended for anyone who has ever been overweight, been to camp, or anyone who has ever been bossed around. (Netta Gilboa)

HIDEAWAY (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 106 minutes) This gripping thriller about two people drawn together by their life after death exxperiences will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this movie the confused Hatch Harrison (played by Jeff Goldblum) tries to save his daughter from a serial killer who has literally been to hell and back. Great acting and an interesting plot make this film a winner. (CS)

HIGHER LEARNING (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 126 minutes) This drama about racial diversity and tension at a college campus got a little tiring and predictable by the end. However, the film's beginning is innovative and true-to-life. Worth seeing even though the plot gets increasingly more complicated and hard to follow as the film progresses. Stars such diverse people as Jennifer Connelly, Ice Cube and Laurence Fishbourne. (CS)

HIGHLANDER: THE FINAL DIMENSION (Miramax Home Entertainment) Christopher Lambert and Mario Van Peebles star in this sequel that assumes you have already seen the original film. I hadn't, and so was a bit lost. Still, the special effects are spectacular and the action is non-stop. Combining history, fighting, adventure, gore and suspense, this director's cut video version won't bore you even if you, like me, don't understand who all of the characters are. (Netta Gilboa)

THE HISTORY OF THE COMICS (White Star, distributed by Kultur, 360 minutes) This four-volume set traces the popularity of comics around the world. Volume 1 features Dick Tracy, Tarzan, Betty Boop and The Katzenjammer Kids. Volume 2 features Superman, Peanuts, Mad Magazine and Andy Capp among others. Volume 3 tackles the 1960s with Little Annie Fanny, The Fabulous Furry Freak Bros., Creepy Magazine and Vampirella. Volume 4 covers X-Men, Heavy Metal Magazine, Manga, Manga and what's ahead in the future. Each tape contains shot after shot of the comics themselves and interviews with the artists who made them. They also contain historical footage from the time period being discussed so viewers can see how the times influenced the art. Highly recommended both for collectors of comics and for those interested in popular culture, history and art. (Netta Gilboa)

HOLOGRAM MAN (PM Entertainment Group, Ltd., 96 minutes) This science fiction action film uses lots of computerized effects to depict a psycho-terrorist who gets caught and sentenced to society's cruelest form of imprisonment: Holographic Stasis. Members of his gang try to free him but screw up and end up with his mind and soul but without his body which gets destroyed. He then stalks the city as an electro-magnetic hologram with god-like powers as the cop who originally caught him chases him once again. Great effects and lots of action make this better than average for the genre. (Netta Gilboa)

HOUSEGUEST (Hollywood Pictures Home Video, 119 minutes) If you are a fan of Sinbad then you must watch this movie! The hilarious Sinbad and Phil Hartman (Saturday Night Live) team up to make this comedy work, as Sinbad impersonates a dentist and becomes Phil Hartman's house guest and eventually best friend. This movie guarantees a steady stream of laughs. (CS)

THE HUNTED (MCA/Universal Home Video, 111 minutes) Christopher Lambert stars in this action-packed thriller. Set in Japan, this is a riveting movie about ancient samurai clan wars and an American who makes the mistake of getting involved. Only by joining forces with a powerful samurai and learning their ways can Lambert make it out alive. This movie will definitely hold your interest. (CS)

INCIDENT AT DECEPTION RIDGE (MCA/Universal Home Video, 94 minutes) Michael O'Keefe, Ed Begley, Jr. and Miguel Ferrer star in this thriller about some stolen money, mistaken identity and betrayal. Set in the wilderness, it's a survival film full of murder, suspense and revenge. Well done. (Netta Gilboa)

INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY (FreeRange Media, (206) 340-9305, 30 minutes) Potential and new users of the Internet will enjoy this video which explains how to access E-mail, use Telnet and FTP, and search Archie, Veronica, Gopher and WAIS. This is just long enough to show what's possible without becoming boring. Well done. (Netta Gilboa)

IN SEARCH OF DR. SEUSS (Turner Home Entertainment, 115 minutes) This documentary offers insight into the creative works of children's book author Dr. Seuss. There are scenes from the animated version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas and live-action footage, as well as cameos by Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Christopher Lloyd and Howie Mandel. Dr. Seuss (a.k.a. Ted Geisel) appears too and a great deal of trivia about his life and his artistic vision is shared. It's designed for the whole family, but alas more suitable for children. Still, a must to see for fans of Dr. Seuss' many wacky characters. (Netta Gilboa)

THE INTERNET SHOW (Turner Home Entertainment, 60 minutes) Better and more honest than most books on the subject, this video explains what can be found on the Net, how to get there and some tips on getting along with other users. It starts off slowly, for absolute neophytes and those terrified of computers, but once it gets to the meaty subjects it really shines. Everything from WWW to IRC to FTP to E-mail is discussed and shown. When you consider the timid market this is aimed at, it does a smashing job. (Netta Gilboa)

I.Q. (Paramount Home Video, 95 minutes) Meg Ryan, Tim Robbins and Walter Matthau star in this romantic comedy about a woman who only wants to marry a man who has superb math skills. Alas, she ends up falling for a car mechanic who fools her (with the help of her uncle, Albert Einstein) into thinking he is a math wiz. Cute. (Netta Gilboa)

IT'S PAT (Touchstone Home Video, 88 minutes) The Saturday Night Live skit is expanded in this funny film about a dweeb and his pathetic life. It's been called stupid by many, but it was hardly intended to be serious or realistic. I gave up on SNL years ago but liked this film. If nothing else, you can watch it with a few friends and then argue about its merits. (Netta Gilboa)

THE JERKY BOYS: Don't Hang Up Tough Guy (Sony Music Entertainment, 40 minutes) Featuring all new live material, this video release has the Jerky Boys playing pranks at MTV's offices, in a supermarket and on a tour bus. It's utterly different from their previous work as here, for the first time, you can watch the victims instead of only imagining them. The pranks are more harmless than some of their early audio tapes and therefore this is recommended both for die-hard fans as well as for people who are new to the whole Jerky Boys phenomenon. Hopefully it's the first tape in a series. (Netta Gilboa)

THE JERKY BOYS: The Movie (Touchstone Home Video, 91 minutes) I expected this film to be lousy as it had mixed reviews when it played in theatres. The Jerky Boys became known for audio tapes of prank phone calls. These are done anonymously, and so it made sense any film written for them would be a disaster. But I was utterly wrong and I laughed non-stop as I watched this. Loosely based on existing material, this also stars Tom Jones and Alan Arkin and is about a successful attempt to social engineer the mafia into believing the Jerky Boys are out-of-town mobsters worth entertaining and protecting while they visit New York City. Definitely worth seeing if you either like comedies or are already a Jerky Boys fan. (Netta Gilboa)

JOHNNY MNEMONIC (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 98 minutes) Here's another film that got mixed reviews at the theatre but turned out to be sensational. Based on a cyberpunk story by William Gibson, it's about a guy who transports data in a portion of his head for a living. People hire him, he gets the data to another city and then he unloads it for the client he was paid to deliver it to. The plot involves a transaction in which he agrees to transport way more data than he is supposed to be able to hold and as it that weren't problematic enough due to the physical danger to his body, the client shipping the data gets held up moments after he leaves with it and the password needed to decrypt it is missing and must be hacked. I found this believable, riveting and well acted. Stars Keanu Reeves, Ice-T and Henry Rollins. Worth seeing if you are into computers or science fiction. (Netta Gilboa)

JUNIOR (MCA/Universal Home Video, 110 minutes) Arnold Schwartzenegger and Danny DeVito shine in this comedy about the world's first pregnant man. It's a boring concept, but so well-done it's almost believable. I found it delightful watching this to see which side effects of pregnancy the filmmakers would incorporate here. The "parents" are two medical researchers testing hormones who steal an egg from a female colleague's research project. No one intends to carry the baby to term but then maternal instincts interfere with the original plan. Highly recommended, even if movies of this type aren't generally your cup of tea. Junior was far better than expected, especially when compared to other films like it. (Netta Gilboa)

JUST CAUSE (Warner Home Video) This is easily one of the best films of the year. Sean Connery and Laurence Fishburne star in this thriller about a black man who claims he was wrongly accused. Contains lots of scenes that make you think about everything from racial tension to regional differences between people to serial killers to justice in general. Highly recommended. (CS)

KEEPING SEX EXTRAORDINARY (A*Vision Entertainment, 60 minutes) Part of a three-part set called Ordinary Couples, Extraordinary Sex, this episode is about how to communicate your desires to your partner. It's less explicit than some other educational tapes and focuses more on getting you to listen to what's said. Three couples talk about their relationship and then show some of their favorite exercises and techniques. You can't go wrong trying any of them out. If you have someone to have regular sexual relations with, this is well worth the money. (Netta Gilboa)

LEPRECHAUN 3 (Vidmark Entertainment, 93 minutes) By far one of the best films in its genre, this horror film is about an evil leprechaun and the many gold-diggers he runs into in Las Vegas. The film opens in a pawn shop and quickly follows the leprechaun as he explores an entire casino in search of one of his pieces of gold which grants a wish to the person presently holding it. Don't miss this one if you have even the slightest interest in slice-and-dice films. Although it is a sequel, it does not require the viewer has seen either of the previous films. (Netta Gilboa)

LOVE & A .45 (Vidmark Entertainment, 102 minutes) Here's a great look at the life of a criminal who becomes a killer as well and takes a liking to it. Less violent than Natural Born Killers, this film focuses more on dialogue between the character and his girlfriend. They go on the run together and become media celebrities. While the plot sounds familiar, this is well done and worth seeing too. (Netta Gilboa)

LOVERS Volume 1: Sydney and Ray (Femme Distribution, Inc., 70 minutes) Here's a look at a couple from both of their points of view. It's an adult film in which the couple share how they met and express what turns them on about the other. They then demonstrate some of their favorite techniques and have sex before the camera. Extremely well done and honest. Provides a wonderful opening for a couple to converse about the strengths and weaknesses of their own sex life. (Netta Gilboa)

THE LUSTY LADIES OF LAS VEGAS (The Crescent Publishing Group, 60 minutes) The art of stripping is taken to new heights as beautiful women take off their clothes here and touch themselves for your pleasure. Themes include strip poker, nude one-arm bandit players, girl-girl scenes, and steamy shower and bathtub scenes. Great quality video footage and a wide variety of females including some well-known ones such as Venus De Light and Goldie Star. (Netta Gilboa)

MAD LOVE (Touchstone Home Video, 106 minutes) Drew Barrymore is superb as a wild girl who runs away with her boyfriend (played by Chris O'Donnell). It turns out she has some psychological problems he is not entirely prepared to deal with. While this is an extreme situation, it is thought-provoking, leaving the viewer to wonder how they would deal with the situation if they loved someone they couldn't necessarily help. (Netta Gilboa)

MAGIC EYE II (Cascom Home Video, 32 minutes) This tape contains hidden animated 3-D images which can be seen without the use of special glasses. It's recommended for smaller televisions as the images are easier to see on smaller screens. Very awesome visuals, although seeing them initially may take great effort for some people. Worth trying. (Netta Gilboa)

MAJOR PAYNE (MCA/Universal Home Video, 98 minutes) This hysterical movie starring Damon Wayans is sure to make you laugh. As the army makes cut backs, it no longer has a need for Wayans, and he gets assigned to take over the ROTC program at a local school. Needless to say he whips a lot of sorry kids into shape and keeps you laughing while he does it. (CS)

MAN OF THE HOUSE (Walt Disney Home Video, 107 minutes) An all-star cast rounds out this family comedy about a boy unwilling to accept his new stepfather. Chevy Chase, Farrah Fawcett, George Wendt, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas star. Not suprisingly, stepfather and son end up bonding, but not before Thomas puts Chase through every possible prank. Predictable, but still delightful. (Netta Gilboa)

NEW JERSEY DRIVE (MCA/Universal Home Video, 98 minutes) Spike Lee produced this Nick Gomez film about life in the inner city. It's an urban action thriller with a rap sound track by Queen Latifah, Heavy D, and Naughty By Nature. This contains an unflinching, accurate portrayal of what its like to be a teenager in the ghetto today. (Netta Gilboa)

NAKED IN NEW YORK (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 89 minutes) An all-star cast surrounds a couple who struggle to try to keep their relationship alive despite work and family pressures as well as being separated by distance. This romantic comedy features Jill Clayburgh, Tony Curtis, Timothy Dalton, Kathleen Turner, Quentin Crisp, Eric Bogosian and Whoopi Goldberg. (Netta Gilboa)

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: HUNT FOR THE GREAT WHITE SHARK (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 57 minutes) This documentary traces a man who was bit by a shark and set out to learn all about them. He was incensed by the change in public attitude after the release of Jaws. He reveals here how unlikely one is to be attacked by a shark and what sharks are really like. (Netta Gilboa)

NIGHT OF THE RUNNING MAN (Vidmark Entertainment, 93 minutes) Scott Glann and Andrew McCarthy star in this chase film about a man who finds a million dollars in the back of his cab and attempts to keep it while the mob comes looking for it and him. He hooks up with a nurse and they play a deadly game of survival. Well done with an excellent performance by McCarthy. (Netta Gilboa)

NO QUARTER UNLEDDED (Warnervision Home Video, 93 minutes) This music video promotes Jimmy Page and Robert Plant's recent work. It was filmed in multiple locations and includes guest musicians such as the London Metropolitan Orchestra. Songs include "Kashmir," "Nobody's Fault But Mine" and "Gallows Pole." Even marginal fans of Page and Plant will enjoy watching this repeatedly. It's mellow enough to be background music and riveting enough to be watched in utter silence. (Netta Gilboa)

ONLY YOU (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 109 minutes) Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey, Jr. star in this film about a girl who grows up hearing the name "Damon Bradley" in the strangest of places. Ten days before her wedding she flys to another country in hopes of meeting him. It's a bizarre love story to be sure, especially when she ends up falling for a guy who only pretends to be Damon Bradley. Worth seeing for both the unique plot and great acting. (Netta Gilboa)

OUTBREAK (Warner Home Video) Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo and Morgan Freeman star in this edge of your seat thriller about the dangers of biological warfare. Suddenly the most deadly virus known to man appears and begins to spread like wildfire. This raises questions about everything from behavior in a crisis to government conspiracy to how unequipped our doctors are to take care of unknown diseases. Highly recommended. (Netta Gilboa)

THE POLICE: OUTLANDOS TO SYNCHRONICITIES (PolyGram Video, 83 minutes) This music video traces the career of rock band The Police and includes their video releases, interviews, TV performances, etc. Fans of Sting will learn more about his political and charitable involvements as well as his early days as a musician. Well done. (Netta Gilboa)

PONTIAC MOON (Paramount, 107 minutes) Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen star in this film about a father and son who drive across the country in an attempt to follow the distance covered by the 1969 Apollo XI mission to the moon. Unbeknownst to them, the wife follows behind in another car, conquering her phobia and venturing outside for the first time in seven years. They meet in the Spires of the Moon National Park for a powerful family reunion. Recommended for its uplifting message about taking chances and risks in life. (Netta Gilboa)

PRINCESS CARABOO (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 96 minutes) Phoebe Cates, Kevin Kline, John Lithgow star in this film about a woman who has been arrested and is spotted by an aristocrat who believes she is actually a foreign princess. The aristocrat arranges for her release and welcomes her into her home where most of high society accepts her royal status. But is she an impostor? The film keeps you guessing until the last minute. (Netta Gilboa)

THE PROFESSIONAL (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 109 minutes) This superb action film is about a top-notch hitman who takes on a 12-year-old girl as an apprentice after her family is murdered and she has nowhere else to go. Offers lots of insight into this gray profession including weapons of choice, mindset, and how to come to terms emotionally with having killed. Worth seeing. (Netta Gilboa)

THE PUPPET MASTERS (Buena Vista Home Video, 119 minutes) Robert Heinlein's science-fiction story comes to life in this thriller which stars Donald Sutherland. It's full of great action and special effects. Despite all the hype it didn't grab me as much as slice-and-dice films or tear-jerkers or even a porn film. But if you like films like Scanners and Invasion of the Body Snatchers this is right up there with them. (Netta Gilboa)

THE QUICK AND THE DEAD (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 105 minutes) If you like Westerns you'll love this one which stars Sharon Stone as a sexy, gun-slinging seductress. Gene Hackman plays her nemesis in a truly spectacular shoot-out for control of the town. It's nice to see women finally getting these traditionally male roles. (CS)

QUIZ SHOW (Buena Vista Home Video, 143 minutes) Robert Redford directed this riveting film about a TV game show which supplied contestants with the winning answers in advance. It becomes a national scandal and one-by-one the contestants involved come forward to explain how they got involved and why. Raises powerful questions about the price you'd sell your soul for and what your friends would say about you if/when they found out. Raises questions about entertainment too, and our societal love of scandals as well as greed. Don't miss this one! (Netta Gilboa)

RENT-A-KID (Republic Pictures, 89 minutes) The owner of an orphanage goes on vacation and leaves his dad to tend to the kids. The dad designs a scheme to rent the children to hesitant potential parents and places three children with one couple. The go through a series of ups and downs and then the son returns home and finds out about the rental. Very funny but also very moving. If you ask me, the idea of trial adoptions is not so off-the-wall either considering how many bad parents there are and how many unplaced children. (Netta Gilboa)

THE ROAD KILLERS (Live Entertainment, 89 minutes) Christopher Lambert and Craig Sheffer star in this action thriller about people who terrorize a family on vacation. It's a classic formula film. If you like to watch psychotic individuals prey on innocents, you'll love it. Well acted but the story line was all too predictable. (Netta Gilboa)

THE ROAD TO WELLVILLE (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 120 minutes) An all-star cast stars in this bizarre film about the goings on at a sanitarium owned by the Kellogg family (of cereal fame). Anthony Hopkins, Bridget Fonda, Matthew Broderick, John Cusack and Dana Carvey all appear here in a plot that spends more time talking about enemas and corn flakes than you can imagine. The sanitarium is more like a spa than a psych ward and it seems everyone has sex there but only with people they are not supposed to be with. I'd say it's a cult film, because you really have to see this film to believe it, but the plot just falls apart. Lots of good digs at health nuts though and great acting by all involved. (Netta Gilboa)

THE SANTA CLAUSE (Walt Disney Home Video, 97 minutes) I never would have rented or gone to see this Tim Allen film, but it showed up in the mail so I watched it. Wow! Even if holiday films are not your style, and if you see this one at another time of the year as I did, it's awesome. The plot invovlves an average guy who learns without wanting to that Santa Claus is real and how new Santas are picked when old ones die. The plot is believable, the special effects make it so and the feeling you'll have after watching it will surprise you. Not to be missed! (Netta Gilboa)

SENSATION (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 103 minutes) Great sex scenes make this thriller worthwhile. It's about a college student who undergoes paranormal experiments conducted by a professor and as a result becomes aware of his link to the slaying of another student. She helps solve the case and it has a happy ending. Stars Eric Roberts, Ron Perlman and Ed Begley, Jr. (Netta Gilboa)

SEX IS... (Water Bearer Films, Inc., 80 minutes) This documentary explores the meaning of sex and sexuality in gay men. There are interviews with 15 diverse men ranging from a porn star to a church pastor. Explicit sex is shown along with compelling profiles few of us are privy to outside bedroom doors. Highly recommended for straights and gays alike. (Netta Gilboa)

THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 142 minutes) Surely one of the best movies ever made about prison, this one is about a banker falsely accused of murdering his wife. He goes to prison and befriends the convicts' leader as well as the staff. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman star in this utterly realistic drama. Highly recommended. (Netta Gilboa)

SLAM DUNK ERNEST (Touchstone Home Video) That wacky Ernest is back as an aspiring basketball player who can't get his feet off the ground. You either like Ernest or you don't. In this film he gets a magical pair of shoes from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and starts winning every game he plays. Good for a few laughs if you like slapstick comedy. (CS)

SLEEPSTALKER (Turner Home Entertainment, 102 minutes) Fans of special effects will love this sci-fi thriller about a serial killer called The Sandman who is executed and then returns, now morphed and free of mortal trappings, to kill again under the name Sleepstalker. A boy whose parents were killed by the serial killer becomes his target and must try to stop Sleepstalker for the rest of the film. Great effects. You've never seen so much done with sand before. (Netta Gilboa)

SOMETHING'S HAPPENING... (Something Weird Video, 85 minutes) Also known as The Hippie Revolt, this documentary explores the hippie and runaway youth scene in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district. Real hippies are interviewed who explain communes, the Diggers, the lure of LSD, body painting, free love, etc. Includes rare footage of the Merry Pranksters Acid Test Graduation. Highly recommended for those interested in this time period and those new to drugs who want to see their psychedelic ancestors. (Netta Gilboa)

SPEAKING OF SEX (Sinclair Institute, 60 minutes) Top sex educators explore common sexual issues with five real couples. Subjects covered include performing and receiving oral sex, masturbation and sexual positions which help the female orgasm. This is explicit without being offensive and is likely to help communications between any couple who watches it. Highly recommended if your spouse is uptight about trying something in bed or if you are uncomfortable enjoying what you've tried. (Netta Gilboa)

STRIPPING FOR YOUR LOVER (NightVision, 60 minutes) It's a great idea to produce an educational film to teach women how to be sexier in the bedroom. Adult films and strip clubs feature women who seem to have this talent naturally, but it's definitely an art and I'd imagine there's some demand for a tape like this. Alas, although the video does give some tips it really concentrates on just having the women do their stuff which is of little educational value and stuck me as geared more towards male than female viewers. Worth a look if the subject interests you and definitely recommended if you simply like to watch women strip. (Netta Gilboa)

STUART SAVES HIS FAMILY (Paramount Home Video, 97 minutes) I didn't expect this film to be anywhere near as great as it was. Al Franken plays a New Age TV host whose aunt dies, forcing him to return home for the funeral. He's confronted by his dysfunctional family which includes a passive mother, alcoholic dad, couch-potato sister and overeating sister. None of them recognize him as the expert he is and that combined with the cancellation of his cable show leads him into depression. Franken is so good he is totally unrecognizable in the role and the story line makes you laugh and cry with him. Don't miss this one! (Netta Gilboa)

THE SUBSTITUTE WIFE (Vidmark, 89 minutes) Farrah Fawcett stars as a whore who is hired by a woman who is dying to move in with her family and marry her husband and tend to their children and farm after she dies. If you thought Fawcett was superb as a battered woman in The Burning Bed, it almost pales compared to her definitive portrayal of this whore. The plot sounds lame, but it will suck you in. Highly recommended. (Netta Gilboa)

TAROT FOR THE NEW AGE (Merrill-West Publishing, 120 minutes) Sold in two volumes, these tapes cover the Major and Minor Arcana of the Voyager Tarot deck. They explain how the deck was developed, how to interpret the cards in a reading, relationships between the cards, and sample readings such as Card-a-day, Year, Life purpose and Whole-self. The tapes were filmed during a workshop and the audience's questions are included as well. Extremely useful if you use these tapes along with the Voyager deck, but of some value anyway if you have some previous Tarot experience and plan to use the videos with other decks. (Netta Gilboa)

TEKWAR (MCA/Universal Home Video, 92 minutes) A man gets convicted of a crime he did not commit and gets frozen for several years. Upon being awakened, he discovers he has lost his family and must repair his reputation and catch the person who framed him. It's a sci-fi thriller full of special effects to simulate virtual reality. Worth seeing for the effects alone! William Shatner and Greg Evigan star and Sheena Easton has a cameo role. (Netta Gilboa)

TERESA'S TATTOO (Vidmark Entertainment, 95 minutes) Nancy McKeon, Loud Diamond Phillips, Tippi Hedren and Mary Kay Place star in this cult movie which also features a cameo by k.d. Lang and new songs by Melissa Etheridge. It's about two women who get drugged, kidnapped and tattooed. One gets free, rescues the other, and then they try to get revenge. (Netta Gilboa)

TERMINAL VELOCITY (Hollywood Pictures Home Video, 132 minutes) Charlie Sheen and Nastassja Kinski star in this action film involving lots of gunfire and great stunts like jumping out of an airplane, etc. It's one of those rare films that keeps you glued to the edge of your seat and keeps getting better as the plot moves along. Worth seeing. (Netta Gilboa)

THANK YOU ABBA (PolyGram Video, 53 minutes) This documentary follows Swedish rock band Abba from their first hit "Waterloo" to their ultimate breakup. There are clips from their many television appearances, interviews with their fans and a plethora of biographical information for anyone wanting to learn more about them. (Netta Gilboa)

TILL THE END OF THE NIGHT (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 90 minutes) In this engrossing thriller a woman's ex-husband comes back to haunt her and her new family. He stalks them, kidnaps the children, attempts to break the new marriage up and escalates things to the point of murder. Worth seeing. (Netta Gilboa)

TO CATCH A YETI (PolyGram Video) Meat Loaf stars in this family adventure film about the infamous Bigfoot. It turns out to be a Himalayan Yeti no larger than a teddy bear and certainly as cuddly. Once the Yeti ends up in Manhattan, the battle for ownership of it heats up. Cute. (Netta Gilboa)

TOMMY BOY (Paramount Home Video, 98 minutes) Chris Farley, David Spade, Rob Lowe and Bo Derek star in this hilarious comedy about a mentally disadvantaged son brought into the family business. After taking seven years to graduate from college, Farley goes home to work for his dad. He discovers his dad will be marrying Bo and is totally supportive. Unfortunately his dad drops dead at the wedding and Tommy Boy is forced to run the company with the help of David Spade. If you like Saturday Night Live, this movie expands greatly on the Farley and Spade TV roles. If you have seen them on TV and don't like them, then avoid this. (CS)

TRIAL BY JURY (Warner Home Video, 107 minutes) Armand Assante, Joanne Whalley-Kilmer and William Hurt star in this powerful film about a female juror whose son is kidnapped and is repeatedly threatened in order to get her to vote for acquittal. This thriller has a simple plot but is so well acted it is utterly engrossing. Highly recommended for its unflinching exploration of the gray areas of jury duty. (Netta Gilboa)

TRUE CRIME (Vidmark Entertainment, 94 minutes) Alicia Silverstone and Kevin Dillon star in this thriller about two people trying to track down a serial killer. They start to fall in love, until she has to confront the possibility that he might be the killer that she is after. (CS)

VIBRATIONS (Dimension Home Video, 114 minutes) James Marshall and Christina Applegate star in this drama about a teenager on his way to stardom who loses his hands to a gang. She takes him in and nurses him back to health. Applegate is terrific in this drastic departure from her television role. (CS)

VIRTUAL ASSASSIN (Turner Home Entertainment, 99 minutes) We were divided about the merit of this film. The first problem is the box cover which says "Death on the internet...who will control the future?" however, we both agreed there was only one brief mention of the Internet in this movie. One of us felt that even without trying to capitalize on the trendy Information Superhighway bandwagon the movie stunk. The other of us felt it was a great movie if you ignored the Internet stuff. Either way its about a biological virus inserted into a computer which a gang of cyberpunks wants to download into their leaders brain. The lab's staff stands in their way. Any film capable of making two people disagree so thoroughly with each other is probably worth a look. (Netta Gilboa & CS)

THE WAR (MCA/Universal Home Video, 126 minutes) Kevin Costner and Elijah Wood star in this family adventure about a man who relives his war experiences and struggles to assimilate them into his currently normal life. Very well done war scenes and an important topic to address for all of the Vets who must deal with this. Costner is great in the role. (Netta Gilboa)

WHEN ABORTION WAS ILLEGAL (Bullfrog Films, distributed by Wolfe Video 800-438-9653, 28 minutes) This powerful documentary explores the history of abortion and lets survivors of illegal abortions sit and tell their stories. It is eye-opening, tear-jerking footage which will make you angry, make you think and (hopefully!) make you use birth control when you next have sex. There are stories of bleeding and hemorrhaging women, forced to testify against their lovers and the abortionist before they could be treated. There are photos of the types of unsterile places where abortions were performed, moving words about the alienation women experienced when telling partners they were pregnant and stories about the types of doctors and other people who cared (and dared!) enough to help pregnant females. This is not the type of film anyone wants to see, but it should be mandatory viewing. Don't miss it if you get the chance to see it. We are closer than you might think as a society to having this happen again. (Netta Gilboa)

WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS (Turner Home Entertainment, 103 minutes) A mentally disturbed child is thought to have some understanding into the pattern created by a series of deaths linked to a serial killer. Ally Walker plays a forensic expert who is sent in to befriend the child and try to solve the case. Martin Sheen and Ron Perlman also star in this terrific thriller. (Netta Gilboa)

WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING (Hollywood Pictures Home Video, 113 minutes) Sandra Bullock stars as a lonely girl who saves the life of a cute guy she sees briefly each day when he buys a token from her to use to ride the subway. She pretends to be engaged to him in order to find out how he's coming along in the hospital and his unsuspecting family welcomes her into their home with open arms. While he is still in a coma she realizes she has fallen in love with his brother. There are also major complications when the victim wakes up. Worth seeing. (Netta Gilboa)

WITNESS TO THE EXECUTION (Vidmark, 92 minutes) A TV producer gets the idea of offering pay-per-view coverage of the execution of a death row inmate. The public applauds the idea and the producer finds a killer willing to be interviewed and filmed. Very well done. (Netta Gilboa)

ZERO TOLERANCE (Live Entertainment, Inc., 92 minutes) Robert Patrick stars as an FBI agent who must avenge the death of his family. He takes on five drug lords in this action film full of bullets, punches and kicks. (Netta Gilboa)