CAPITALISM PLUS (Interactive Magic) This superb strategy game enhances upon the original concept and adds all sorts of new features making it even better than the original. This version is more configurable, has improved SVGA graphics, offers bigger maps as well as both futuristic and historical scenarios, and now has random events like riots and disease. You can play solo or against a friend and there’s a tutorial for those new to the strategy genre. (Christopher Schanot)

CITY OF LOST CHILDREN (Psygnosis) Based on the cult movie and also available for the PlayStation game system, this adventure game is about an orphan child who explores back alleys and foreboding warehouses to determine why the city’s children are mysteriously vanishing. The game offers 30 locations, 17 characters, beautiful 3D graphics and multiple camera angles. Quite surreal and full of kidnappings, robberies and other dark scenarios to hold your interest. (Christopher Schanot)

IMAGE ROBOT (Jasc Software, Inc.)This superb program allows you to perform batch image processing in order to change and save many different images at once. There are over 20 filters available, including all of the standard ones as well as more unusual ones such as PNG,PCT, RAS and PBM. Eleven deforemations are offered to allow special effects such as motion blur, typically found only in far more expensive packages. You can preview, alter color depth of the images and even save a log of your process in order to redo it even more easily next time. Highly recommended for those who work with images of any kind. (Netta Gilboa)

STAR TREK: GENERATIONS (Microprose) In this Intel MMX enhanced strategy game, you interact with the real characters from the movie of the same name. Included are video sequences and performances not seen in the movie. There are 12 Away missions, 3D audio and video and the opportunity to become your favorite character while you explore the U.S.S. Enterprise. Usable by non-MMX machines as well, but this is one title that might make you want to consider upgrading your hardware for. (Christopher Schanot)