At present we review books, zines, catalogs, CDs, live concerts, video games, IBM computer software, DVD movies, and comics. If you wish to submit something to us for review and it is not in these categories, we will still consider it if it is gray or very kewl.

Below is a list of each category we review and what sorts of things are most likely to be given space. ALL materials are to be sent to: Gray Areas Inc. 5838 W Olive Ave C-105 PMB 624 Glendale AZ 85302 USA. We do not return review products.

BOOKS: We review paperbacks and hardcovers in all price ranges. We do not touch children's books (unless it's called "My Mom Is A Junkie" or "My Dad Has AIDS"), recipes, calendars, or poetry. We review lots of gray books by RE/Search, Loompanics, and Paladin. If it's about marginal people like hippies or hackers it's a natural for us. We also review computer books, music, some biography and a few novels depending on the story line. We round out the gray books we cover with those involving popular culture, so just because it's not a dark book does not mean it's not for us.

ZINES: We review those that strike our fancy such as zines by people we know, zines directly related to gray subjects, zines which are staff favorites and zines that arrive in the mail which moved us in some way. We have been known to review large circulation magazines as well if we have something to say about them. We have no hard rule about whether we'll review a zine more than once.

CATALOGS: We try to review every gray catalog we come across, even if the material being sold offends us. We round those out with catalogs that offer a wealth of things we'd like to be able to buy. Therefore, you might see a catalog review of cool animation cels next to one for gourmet food next to one for silencers and computer viruses.

CDS: We review all types of music with the exception of children's and classical. We emphasize classic rock, alternative, jazz, blues and product from emerging artists. We typically run a dozen pages of CD reviews and we try to use photographs if supplied. Our staff is crazy about such varied artists as the Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam, Melanie, Rusted Root and Megadeth. Obviously we have widely varying tastes (grin). If you place an ad with us we will surely review your CD.

CONCERTS: We review major concerts like Woodstock and Lollapalooza as well as rock legends who tour infrequently like Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones. A variety of national acts are also covered such as GWAR, Phish, Nine Inch Nails, Black Crowes, Bjork and Yes. We run photos of almost every concert we review.

SOFTWARE: We review IBM compatible software ranging from business programs to games and utilities. We review lots of fonts, clip art, screen savers, adventure games, and X-rated CDs. We print photos of software boxes and screen shots when supplied.

MOVIES: We review everything from animated cartoons to Hollywood movies to hardcore bondage films. We print photos of as many film stills as possible and typically run 10-12 pages of film reviews. We review films made by individuals when appropriate. We're big on documentaries, rock films, cult movies, sex films, comedies and dramas. At present we are most interested in the DVD format.

COMICS: We generally farm this section out and therefore what gets included is more often than not up to the reviewer, not us.

LIVE AUDIO AND VIDEO TAPES: We try to review anything that is sent to us. This section focuses primarily on tapes made at concerts of historical value. We do not review demos and live tapes of unknown bands but rather tapes of the Stones, Tim Buckley, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Bob Marley, Frank Zappa, Black Crowes, Allman Brothers, Phish, etc. We do not run ads putting collectors in touch with each other, we simply review what's out there. If we found it, other people can too.